Automating and Predicting Wine Prices for the Future

Vinsionaire is a Hong Kong-based retailer of fine wines. With the vision of offering an innovative and shopper-friendly wine purchasing experience, Vinsionaire wanted to know more about wine price fluctuation so as to provide the best wine prices for their clients. Utilizing Deep Learning techniques, ThinkCol predicted and automated Vinsionaire’s wine pricing system. In order to gain a deeper understanding on the wine industry and the market price of wines, ThinkCol also employed web scraping techniques to gather data from other wine websites and auction houses.

With ThinkCol’s efforts, Vinsionaire no longer manually prices its 5,000 rare and fine wines. They now utilize ThinkCol’s machine learning algorithm to automatically price and auction its wines. The newly programmed system allows the wine retailer to get more in depth insights in relation to the latest market information. Vinsionaire’s clients are also able to savour the best wine the company can offer within their price range.