Lenovo Tunes into Customer Satisfaction Levels with ThinkCol

To measure Lenovo’s customer satisfaction levels, ThinkCol launched a model on topic classification and sentiment analysis for the multinational technology company. The model utilizes social media data and Natural Language Processing to discover common talking points of Lenovo customers. Through deploying 70+ models and tagging the data in ThinkCol’s self-service modelling application, Lenovo can automatically summarize and understand customer stories on a simple interface.

With ThinkCol’s innovation, Lenovo has obtained more clarity on customer opinions. These insights enable Lenovo to easily identify opportunities and company pain points to adjust company directions adequately. Lenovo no longer require staff to work on mundane manual tagging tasks. Efficiently utilizing their manpower, they take advantage of ThinkCol’s technology by employing machines to tag all social media and creating reports. The model also allows Lenovo to further compare their products with competitors on specific attributes as well as identify product issues, maximizing their market potential.