Sparking Data Solutions in Li and Fung

ThinkCol hosted a 13-week data science training for Fung Group to shift ownership of creative analytic work to its business team. The tailor-made course taught Fung Retailing business executives data analytics modelling, data visualization, predictive analytics, deep learning and machine learning. Utilizing training materials based on Fung Group’s data, the training emphasized on a hands-on teaching approach.

The courses allowed business users of all levels, from domain experts with minimal background in coding to business analysts who want to extend their knowledge, to utilize business friendly tools and develop data solutions. It enabled Fung Group’s staff to understand how data analytics can be used to achieve effective change in an organization.

With ThinkCol’s focus on hands-on projects, the training also provided opportunities for participants to apply the analytic skills they have learnt to actual real-life business problems and more importantly, their own business process. With ThinkCol’s initiative, the staff of Fung Group have a more in depth understanding of the potential of deep learning, machine learning and data solutions.