Managing Cultural Resistance in AI Adoption

ThinkCol worked with one of the largest organization with a business nature similar to collecting debt in Hong Kong. ThinkCol helped change the manual process in the firm and allow the company to be more data-driven.

As time is money, one of the firm’s largest pain points is to generate a comprehensive debtor list based on different criteria. Previously, the partners of the firm and the employees decided on who to chase through manual work and static reports.

ThinkCol built dashboards for the firm using machine learning techniques where the AI recommends a debtor list for staff to contact. As the industry is conservative and traditional, there was cultural resistance in adopting the dashboards and the utilization of AI.

ThinkCol approached the cultural resistance through the following ways:
1) Provide training to staff and management on the new dashboards to acquire actionable insights
2) Gradual adoption of the dashboard from a simple dashboard to a more comprehensive one
3) Assign responsibilities to staff on data cleanliness and quality
4) Track the usage of dashboards
5) Create incentives for staff performance
6) Updating and maintaining the dashboard through frequent communication, understanding of the manual process, the pain points and needs of the business