Transforming a Quasi-governmental Organization to Become More Data-driven

ThinkCol facilitated a quasi-governmental organization to implement various AI projects. ThinkCol not only conducted training for the organization’s staff, but also provided consultation, advising them to adopt projects to create self-sustaining data solutions.

ThinkCol first gathered information from staff of each division and department level to comprehend the organization’s priorities. It then organized a series of tailor made training sessions for the organization’s senior executives and middle management staff. The consultations and trainings were essential in prioritizing the organization’s big data opportunities, so that they can leverage future big data and AI opportunities. The information gathered from the consultations also allowed ThinkCol to facilitate projects such as a property price prediction prototype, chatbot, HR succession planning model, and digital marketing for the quasi-governmental organization.

The projects conducted by ThinkCol were crucial in identifying the opportunities and pain points of the organization as well as providing solutions to them. The efforts of ThinkCol also leveraged the organization’s time and resources in managing their future projects, equipping them with the knowledge of AI and Big Data to adapt to future challenges.