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CEO and Co-Founders
Kane Wu and Sam Ho
Our AI ecosystem (people, innovation, data, analytics, machine learning) are the building blocks of an all-rounded yet target-oriented AI approach. Our solutions are people focused and aims to tackle business pain points through customization.
ThinkCol creates custom AI solutions, provides consulting services, training, organizes hackathons and more. These solutions form the 5 components of our AI ecosystem – people, innovation, data, analytics, machine learning. Our AI solutions include Natural Language Processing, predictive analytics, computer vision etc.We strongly believe in cultivating sustainable AI ecosystems and explainable AI solutions, regardless of the organization’s size and industry.Our past clients span across multinational industry leaders such as retailing, logistics, property and insurance, as well as quasi-governmental institutions.
ThinkCol 是一間人工智能顧問公司,致力為企業定制最合適的人工智能方案。我們除了擅長利用自然語言處理(NLP)、預測性分析(predictive analytics)和電腦視覺 (computer vision)等技術定製各類型方案外,我們還提供諮詢服務、培訓、舉辦黑客松。我們人工智能生態的五大元素-團隊、創新、數據、分析和機械學習是開展每間公司人工智能之旅的基礎。 受惠過我們服務的企業橫跨各行各業,包括零售、運輸、保險和半政府機構。我們深信任何企業,不論規模和所屬的行業,都能受益於人工智能方案。而ThinkCol 的人工智能生態的五大元素能推動企業可持續發展及帶來更多收益。

CEO & Co-Founders

Kane Wu
Sam Ho

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Gemma Sung

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