With data scientists, consultants, lawyer, seasoned professionals from Big Four accounting firms, Google certified data engineers and business analysts, our diverse team enables your company to unlock maximum potential. We believe that every company, regardless of their industry or their size, should be data-driven, so that they can continue to stay competitive.

Through multiple consultation sessions, we identify company pain points, conduct analysis and tailor the most appropriate AI solution. ThinkCol doesn’t stop there. We ensure users are able to fully integrate these AI solutions into their existing systems, because we want our clients to succeed as much they do themselves.

Through the years, many industry powerhouses, from multinational companies to government entities, have trusted us with our expertise.

AI Solutions

Our data scientists are skilled in multiple computer languages, such as Python, R and SQL. We also have a deep understanding of different machine learning algorithms, from supervised and unsupervised learning to reinforcement learning. We build prototypes, dashboards, and various data solutions, so that you can continue doing what you do best with better insights and higher efficiency.

After various consultations and collecting the data, ThinkCol performs data cleansing in order to transform it into a buildable model. With various tests and data training, we deliver the best AI solution to you and help you to train your staff to become pros in managing the new platform.

Many leading companies have let ThinkCol take charge of their solutions to address company pain points.


From covering the basics of machine learning to introducing a new AI solution, ThinkCol customizes each and every training, demonstration, seminar, workshop it hosts to suit our clients’ needs. Our expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning and other advance technologies allow us to cover multiple topics, understand their utilization in different industries, and help train staff from any background and department.

Our trainers are skilled in delivering engaging content, experienced in conducting trainings and passionate in sharing what they know. They have had experience in teaching courses for education institutions, like HKU Space as well as multinational corporations, such as Li & Fung.

Through the trainings, ThinkCol not only emphasizes on AI knowledge build-up, but also continuous practice on the new skills learnt, so that clients have practical experience of the platforms.

Over the years, our clients have believed in ThinkCol’s training philosophy.


Some of the best business solutions/ideas come in an instant. Some come through sharing and interacting with those around you. ThinkCol organizes some of the best hackathons in Hong Kong, helping corporations to solve real life business problems. The hackathons also help companies to crowdsource AI ideas and talents specific to their businesses, maintaining their competitive edge in their specific industries.

ThinkCol’s services include crafting case studies to address company pain points, recruiting participants relevant to the field, organizing the rundown of the event and more.

Through ThinkCol’s hackathons, our clients have transformed into innovative and data-driven entities.

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