About Us

Working alongside in a consulting firm, Sam and Kane uncovered their passion for data science. Believing that AI can gather even more insights and leverage more resources, the duo had the intuition that their common interest had unlimited potential to expand. Hong Kong needed a specialized data science consulting firm to empower artificial intelligence solutions – be it through consulting or productization. Sharing the same vision, the two teamed up and established ThinkCol.

Our Growth

From ThinkCol’s first prototype for a local law firm to developing a long term relationship with the multinational tech company – Lenovo, and from organizing ThinkCol’s first hackathon for Li and Fung to ThinkCol Transform’s recent initiatives with industry giants of various fields, the two founders’ enthusiasm for data science has only grown stronger. ThinkCol Transform, a branch of ThinkCol, not only provides consulting services, but also develops AI solutions, organizes trainings and hackathons.

Expanding their team over the years, ThinkCol Transform is now home to consultants, business analysts, data scientists and UI/UX designers.  With artificial intelligence and machine learning, the team works actively to identify clients’ business risks and opportunities, so as to implement self-sustaining and actionable data solutions through top to bottom implementation of changes and continuous bottom-up skill training.

Meet Our Team

Here at ThinkCol Transform,
our passions drive us to deliver the best AI solutions.

Sam Ho
Sam Ho Founder
Kane Wu
Kane WuFounder
Aldric Lam
Aldric LamTechnology Development Lead
Alison Chiu
Alison ChiuUX Designer
Austin Chang
Austin ChangJunior Web Developer
Betty Li
Betty LiStrategic Consultant
Bryanna Chan
Bryanna ChanData Scientist
Castiel Tong
Castiel TongData Scientist
Gemma SungStory Teller
Jenny Zhang
Jenny ZhangData Scientist
Joanne Ng
Joanne NgOperation Lead
Kelvin HoBusiness Development Lead
Ken Ho
Ken HoBusiness Analyst
Kendric Ng
Kendric NgManager, Data Science & Analytics
Valeria Duarte
Valeria DuarteProject Coordinator
Youngky Wanady
Youngky WanadyBusiness Analyst


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