AIA Fostering Innovation in Insurance Industry

LifeHack18 is AIA’s latest innovation effort in challenging the status quo and improving the way AIA interacts with its customers, employees and distribution channels in the insurance industry.

AIA is the world’s largest pre-eminent life insurance provider. ThinkCol organized AIA’s first-ever LifeHack18 hackathon which invited participants from AIA’s 12 business units in the Asia Pacific. ThinkCol helped AIA incorporate hackathon best practices and to think of painpoints for the participants to solve. Participants then came up with solutions to innovate the life and health insurance sectors within 48 hours.

The Challenge

It has been AIA’s mission to get in front of people’s needs and help them in every step of the journey. Using design thinking, data and software, participants are challenged to find solutions to help people live healthier, longer, better lives.


The hackathon generated innovative ideas, challenging how people think of insurance. Ideas ranged from improvements to AIA Vitality’s wellness programme to using artificial intelligence to detect early signs of dementia. More than 100 people joined the hackathon and there were 19 ideas generated.