Transforming the Urban Renewal Authority to Become a Data-driven Organization

ThinkCol continuously trained, consulted, and built prototypes for the Urban Renewal Authority, increasing its AI and Big Data capabilities to be more self-sustaining.

ThinkCol launched the Urban Renewal Authority’s (URA) Big Data Pilot Project to help URA look for data-driven solutions to its core businesses. ThinkCol not only conducted training for the staff of URA, but also provided consultation, advising URA to adopt projects to create self-sustaining data solutions.

Big Data Pilot Project

ThinkCol first gathered information from staff from each division and department level to better understand URA’s business priorities. In order to allow staff to understand the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and fully utilize big data, ThinkCol organized a series of tailor made training sessions for the senior executives and the middle management staffs. The consultations and trainings were essential in prioritizing URA’s big data opportunities, so that the Authority can leverage future Big Data and AI opportunities.

Residential Property Price Prediction

ThinkCol also created a prototype for URA to predict future property prices in a short amount of time. Using machine learning, different external datasets were examined to predict future property trends in Hong Kong. The prototype allows URA to effectively test out the scope of the price property problem, so that the URA can take appropriate measures in sourcing for this project.

The projects conducted by ThinkCol were crucial in identifying the opportunities and pain points of the Authority as well as providing solutions to them. The efforts of ThinkCol also leveraged URA’s time and resources in managing their future projects, equipping the URA on the knowledge of AI and Big Data to adapt to future challenges.

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