Young Data Scientists

Young Data Scientist (Age 12+)


A big focus of this course is in the development of a skillset that allows students to compete with the top data scientists around the world. Our focus is to provide students with the technical skills to build machine learning models and compete in a global competition. Finally, students will be given an introduction to how data models are being used to improve web applications today.

Deep machine learning model

As a continuation of the data scientist pioneer course, students will dive deeper into developing machine learning algorithms. A greater emphasis will be placed on students to perform data wrangling to improving the accuracy of the A.I. model.

Focus on global competitions and community

The goal of this course is to help prepare students to compete in the world-famous global data scientist competition sponsored by many of the fortune 500 companies such as Google and Facebook. This will help students build up their credentials and skillset into becoming a world-class data scientist.

Let the world use your model

In the final project, students will have a chance to deploy their machine learning models for people to use. The focus is to give students a chance to see how data analytics can be used to help the world make rational decisions.

Student Progress

  • Starts by exploring the fundamentals concepts in hypothesis thinking
  • Mapping problems to data concepts
  • Advanced learning in R and Python
  • Competing in a global competition
  • Deploying machine learning model to the web

Student Structure

  • Program starts from (Sep-Dec), Winter(Jan-Mar), and Spring (Apr-Jun)
  • 10-14 weekly classes per term, with each class 1.5-2 hours long
  • Class size range from 4-8 students
  • Weekly data analytics assignments
  • End of term one on one parent teacher conference

Price: 12,550 HKD per student


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