Services For Start-Ups

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We help start-ups to make money and reduces risk through data analytics

Our goal is to build a strong community of start-ups that can effectively use data to make strategic business decisions.

From validating your idea to helping you quantify your next pitch, we hope to help you at every stage of your start-up journey to prepare your start-up to become a data-driven organization.


Idea Stage - Validate Your Idea

Sometimes just relying on gut instinct alone is just simply not enough. We will design data experiments to validate your initial start-up idea.

Finding Customers

Perform data analysis to find you the right customers that will use your product as well as identify companies that might buy the data that your application is creating.

Building the product - become data-driven

Set up the building blocks needed to take advantage of your data. From designing KPIs to providing analytics training, we will prepare your company to adopt a data driven approach for validating your product and service offering.

Validation - Analyze for survival or growth

This is the most critical stage of a start-up. We will work along-side your development team to analyze your data, set KPIs, validate experiments hypothesis, and make recommendations on your customer targets and product design features.

Scaling - Put you in control of your data

We don’t believe in black-box analytics solutions. We emphasize on developing an analytics environment where even a business user can perform their own analysis and understand.

Establishing - Put a price tag on your data

We will help you aggressively put your data to good use. From finding buyers to buy your data to improving your business operations, we hope to have a team of data experts that can alleviate your company to a start-up success journey.