Data Science Pioneer

Data Science Pioneer (Age 9-11)


The objective of this course is to empower kids to solve real-life problems using data science methodology. Kids will first begin learning essential data science concepts and programing languages used by leading data scientists. After learning these concepts, students will begin to solve real-life problems based on the skills they have acquired through this course.

Strong analytical foundation

We will lay out the statistical foundations for kids to become data scientists. The focus is to teach kids the essential concepts in machine learning and to demonstrate how these innovative concepts are being applied every day to solve real-world problems.

Emphasis to hands on solution

Using the leading data scientist languages R and Python as our teaching tool, we will help students to not only have the conceptual knowledge to become data-driven analysts but also provide opportunities for students to have hands-on experience to develop Artificial Intelligence machines with their data.

Solving real-life problems

Using the technical skills learned from this course, students will be given the opportunity to solve a real-life problem in Hong Kong. The solution will then be deployed online for students to see how their solution can be used to help people in their community.

Student Progress

  • Starts by exploring the fundamentals concept in data science and data visualization
  • Mapping problems to machine learning tasks
  • Building machine learning model with R and Python
  • Presenting analytics results to parents
  • Immersing in a final project to solve a real-life problem

Student Structure

  • Program starts from (Sep-Dec), Winter(Jan-Mar), and Spring (Apr-Jun)
  • 10-14 weekly classes per term, with each class 1.5-2 hours long
  • Class size range from 4-8 students
  • Weekly data analytics assignments
  • End of term one on one parent teacher conference

Price: 12,550 HKD per student


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