Data Thinker

Data Thinker


TThe objective of this course is to give opportunities for kids to become data-driven decision makers and understand how data revolves around them. Our primary focus is to show kids how the subjects learned in school (e.g. math, physics, history or biology) are being applied to solve real-world issues through data science.

Think structurally and analytically

We will first introduce mathematical foundations for kids to become a data scientist. The goal is to show kids how to give objective data-based answers and make evidence-based decisions. Rather than having kids memorize a set of formulas like they do in school, we will teach kids how to prove things mathematically when making decisions so that kids can focus on seeing the practical aspect of using math to predict global outcomes.

Applying data thinking into problems

Using the leading data scientist software Rapid Minder as our teaching platform, we will teach students how a typical data science project cycle is structured. From collecting data to developing mathematical models or building data visualizations, we hope to give kids a glimpse of how data is being used to solve global problems.

Focus on global events and show it to the world

Students will be given data to analyze issues about this world. The goal is to teach kids how to build effective data visualization and develop awareness on how data is everywhere in their surroundings. We will publish all of their analytics results online so that they can share it with their family and friends.

Student Progress

  • Starts by exploring the fundamentals concepts in hypothesis thinking
  • Mapping problems to data concepts
  • Building data visualizations with Tableau
  • Presenting analytics results to parents
  • Immersing in project to analyze popular global topics around the world

Student Structure

  • Program starts from (Sep-Dec), Winter(Jan-Mar), and Spring (Apr-Jun)
  • 10-14 weekly classes per term, with each class 1.5-2 hours long
  • Class size range from 4-8 students
  • Weekly data analytics assignments
  • End of term one on one parent teacher conference

Price: 12,550 HKD per student


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