Business Analytics Professionals

Business Analytics Professionals


According to Gartner, 60% of all data project implementations fail. A majority of the reasons is the result of implementing a data solution that does not yield actionable results. We strongly believe that there are too many data analytics courses out in the market that focus primary on the technical aspect of delivering a project but lacks the teaching of the “human” components. The goal of our training program is to put our students in the front line of an actual data implementation project. We will also teach “just enough” technical knowledge for our participants to implement a data analytics solution while placing greater emphasis on the communication aspects of creating real change in an organization.

Project based learning

On the first day of the course, students will be given a chance to work on a mock data implementation project based on an actual project that we worked on previously. We hope this added level of realism would enable students to learn the business acumen skills and technical knowledge needed to deliver a data project. The primary focus is to teach students how to communicate and gather requirements with end users which, in our opinion, is the most critical component of executing a data project.

Project # 1 Deploying a data visualization solution

Throughout this project, students will learn the fundamental concepts behind designing and deploying a data warehouse solution. From learning how to consolidate data sources to identifying analytics objectives, participants will gain hands-on experience in executing a data solution. By the end of the project, students will have acquired essential knowledge to deliver a business intelligence solution that yields “quantifiable results” within an organization.

Project # 2 Building a machine learning model

In the second project, students will be given a project to deploy a predictive model within an enterprise. The objective is to build a predictive model that can improve the operational efficiency and profitability of a company. Students will witness the change in an enterprise from before and after the analytics solution is deployed.

Building a Career in Data Analytics Consultancy (optional)

By the end of the course, each student will be given an exam to test the skills they have learned from this course. Candidates with exceedingly high scores will be given an opportunity to work along-side some of the local start-ups and corporations in Hong Kong.

Student Progress

  • Setting expectations and KPI for a new data project
  • Gathering requirements and framing the business problem
  • Managing IT and Business team expectations
  • Dealing with management resistance
  • Performing data feasibility studies on data
  • Transforming data for analysis with SQL
  • Deploying data visualization solution with Tableau
  • Developing predictive model with R
  • Embedding analytics process within a business process
  • Exam for career opportunities (Only Applicable to students that are eligible to work under the Hong Kong law)

Student Structure

  • Program starts from (Sep-Dec), Winter(Jan-Mar), and Spring (Apr-Jun)
  • 10-14 weekly classes per term, with each class 1.5-2 hours long
  • Class size range from 4-8 students
  • Weekly data analytics assignments
  • End of term exam

Price: 22,000 HKD per student


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